What we do


Timeless and classic, or modern and contemporary: amongst a wide variety of garden solutions we have constructed, we have selected those that best unite beauty and poetry, functionality and practicality, while maintaining balance and harmonious integration between architecture and landscaping


Urban, meticulous and romantic, or luxuriant and colorful, today’s terraces become an integral part of the home, real and true open-air rooms.
A shady corner with trellises and climbing plants, a space embellished and enlivened by large and sinuous planters, outdoor furnishings: here is your terrace, immediately transformed into a quiet and evocative oasis, in perfect harmony with the architecture and style of your home.

Swimming pools

Alongside the garden or terrace, we can create your swimming pool, a perfectly integrated addition to the project.

Displays and Rentals

  • Rental and installation of plants and related materials for photoshoots, trade fairs and events.

  • Coordinated and collaborative set-ups for stands.

  • Logistics and transport.

  • Participants at the most important furnishing and fashion trade shows in Italy and abroad.

What we do

Many services, one partner

A wide range of additional pre-sale and after-sale services

Care and maintenance

Through focused, well-planned management, we care for your garden or terrace and all their related systems.
Maintenance activities can be regularly-scheduled or special, including the trimming, removal and health evaluation of trees.

Greenhouse activity and sale of plants

– Wide range of carefully selected, refined plants for gardens;
– Plants for terraces;
– Tropical and exotic plants;
– Custom vases and planters;
– Vases and accessories of major Italian and European brands;
– Artificial plants;
– Pre-sale and after-sale assistance

Irrigation and Lighting

The construction of automatic, efficient irrigation systems guarantee the correct growth and development of the garden or terrace, providing the precise quantity of water, either by remote control or from the comfort of one’s own home.
Well-studied artificial lighting is the only way to reveal, at the first shadows of evening, the more hidden corners of the garden or terrace, highlighting shapes and colors, creating evocative ambients of light and shadow.


A good pavement must have fundamental qualities, such as consistent resistance to wear and safe surfaces for walking.
To this end, certain materials are essential, designed to stay with you over the years, consistently maintaining their beauty while resisting the location’s particular weather conditions.
For either foot or vehicular traffic, the pavements can be made with natural stone, porcelain stoneware, loose or stabilized gravel, natural or composite wood slats, synthetic or reinforced grass cover.

Need information?

We are available for any information on design, construction, display set-up or rental. Giacomelli, the best service partner for your green spaces.